How to Register Your Address – Berlin

how to register address in berlin

One of the first things you’ll need to know when getting settled is how to register your address in Berlin. This guide will help you do just that!

You are legally required to register your official address with the local authorities. Any official documents will be sent there, and you will need to provide your proof of registration (Anmeldebestätigung) when you prove your residence in Germany – for instance, when opening a bank account.

Legally, you must register yourself at any new address you have within 2 weeks of living there. In practice, you can take up to a few months to do so without facing any penalties. However, it’s important when you move to a new city, especially if it’s your first German address, to register yourself at that address. You will need to be registered in Berlin to process a visa in Berlin.


Important Terms

Anmeldebestätigung – confirms that you registered an address on a certain date. You’ll only get this once.

Meldebescheinigung – confirms that you are registered currently at a certain address. You can get this anytime.

Wohnungsgeberbestätigung – confirmation from landlord that you rent at a certain address. 

Important Documents

When you move in to your Berlin apartment, your landlord should provide you with a Wohnungsgeberbestätigung (also known as Einzugsbestätigung des Wohnungsgebers)  which confirms that you are legally residing at their property. If they refuse to give this, it’s a pretty good sign that you are not legally allowed to live there.  Be careful and ask for this specifically. If you are renting from a company there should be no problem getting this on time. 

You will need to fill out a formula at the Amt, which should be available at the local office when you go there. However, just to be safe – you can print a copy from this website. There is an English version in case your German is nicht so gut – but use that for reference only, as you’ll need to provide the German copy at the Amt.

Here’s the official site where you can see all required information and the addresses for the local Amts.

register at apartment in berlin

Registration Process

To register, take your ID (passport) and your Wohnungsgeberbestätigung to the Anmeldeamt (Google Anmeldeamt Berlin to find the one closest to you) and you can either

A. Make an appointment on their website. Check early in the mornings (7 AM) and refresh the page several times to see the available time slots.

B. Walk up to the door 20 mins before opening time and get in line – you should usually get an appointment that same morning.

C. Call 115 (if you speak German) and ask for any cancelled appointments for that same day

D. Go to an Anmeldeamt far from the center of Berlin which may not be so busy and try option B 🙂

Other Information

Registration is free. 

If your partner or friend is moving in with you, either of you can make a Vollmacht (Power of Attorney) allowing them to register the other. That way, only one of you has to go to the appointment. 

You should be able to get this document during your appointment. If you lose your copy you can go back and get another one.

This is one of the most important first steps to getting settled in Germany – so don’t put it off! Make sure you keep the registration somewhere safe and accessible.

If you have questions about this guide on how to register your address in Berlin, let us know! We’ll happily advise or point you in the right direction!


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