Updated Immigration Standards for Skilled Workers

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An update from the German Federal Government brings welcome news to job-seekers and employers throughout Germany. Effective March 2020, the government will revise regulations around skilled workers from outside the EU. The goal is to allow skilled workers easier navigation through the immigration process.

Previously, skilled workers without a university degree have wandered a maze of intransparent and slow bureaucracy. They must prove their qualifications on the German market in order to receive working permission. This new legislation aims to streamline the immigration process for skilled workers in order to increase the number of qualified professionals entering the German workforce. 

This will be welcome news to companies hiring persons from outside the EU. Your candidates from outside the EU who are qualified for the role, yet may not have a university degree, will have an easier time obtaining working permission. The new legislation will aid by: 

  • Creating a common definition of skilled worker, to include graduates and employees with qualified vocational training
  • In case the employee is qualified through vocational training, they are not limited to shortage occupations
  • Similar to university graduates, skilled workers with qualified vocational training may get a job-seeking visa
  • Procedural simplification and acceleration

Furthermore, the law will clearly state which sorts of workers will be allowed to enter Germany for work and training. And, which will not. Removing the guesswork around this topic will be a relief for everyone involved.

Once the Fachkräfteeinwanderungsgesetz comes into effect, review your recruitment strategies. Can any parts of your employer branding be revised to reflect the new immigration standards? For instance, if you currently don’t accept applicants without a degree from outside the EU, you may be able to accept otherwise qualified candidates. This will be a boon for the IT industry, where many people have excellent, self-taught skill-sets.

Happy hiring!


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